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  • Project Name : Sub Urban Ecoterre
  • Project Area : 7000 sq.ft
  • Scope of work:Architecture+interiors
  • Site Location : Ottiambakkam, Chennai
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Year of completion:2015
  • The project is sited in OTTIAMBAKKAM, a village in the sub-urb of south chennai . The village is surrounded by lakes and hill with AGRICULTURE as the primary occupation.

    The project is conceived as an extension to the already existing building without distubing the groundcover and the trees.

    The 33 years old house in itself remains aas an identity for the family in the village. Hence the challenge was to design a residence that connects the existing and the new structure retaining the clients sentiments with the house.

    The original structure was built in 1975 the renovation began in 1997, renovation began, however it was found that the river sand used for construction was of an inferior quality and had low bondage. Hence, the plinth was retained and the entire building was reconstructed.

    Original Structure Built 1975
    Reconstruction Started 1997
    Renovation Startedin 2014
  • The addition has been designed as a G+1 Structure. The public activties are restricted to the ground floor there by maintaining the privacy for the family on the first floor.

    The double height living room has been created for a sense of grandeur in the neighborhood context. the living room has double height with room opening which face the northern light.

    The LOUVERS are places above the lintel level to provide cross ventilation to the building. The tropically traditional contemporary design is achieved with the sloped roof to get the required wind flow.

    Wooden cladding is provided on the exterior facesde to maintain and regulate the temperature.

    The wooden deck with the double height pergolas and the mango tree in the center adds value to the house giving a courtyard feel in a contemporaray style.

    The dining has a welcoming view of the exterior which clearly emphasises the flow of space from the interior to the exterior.