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Prasan Vidya Mandir

  • Project Name : Prasan Vidya Mandir
  • Project Area : 42,000 Sq Ft
  • Scope Of Work : Architecture + Interiors
  • Site Location : Chengalpettu, Tamil Nadu
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Year of Completion : 2014
  • The motto of this school is to provide a well-rounded life for its pupils. This in such became the major criteria while designing this project.

    The site is polygonal in shape. The form is rectangular with punctures so as to keep it from being too dull and ordinary. The building is oriented in the north-south direction with the service areas along the east and west, so as to prohibit the main areas from the harsh sun. There is an Open-Air Theatre (OAT) present at the centre of the site for gatherings. The glass facade at the main entrance helps the building to gain a commanding visual stature in the surrounding neighbourhood. The western facade has perforated panels that help in keeping the harsh sunlight away from the interiors; thereby maintaining its temperature. The high windows at the staircase landings also serve the same purpose.

    The classroom windows have high sills, thereby preventing the harsh radiation of the midday sun while still allowing natural lighting and ventilation to penetrate into the interiors.

    The extremities of the site are truly devoted to the all-round development of the pupil by providing areas for them to excel at sports, dramatics, etc. The informal amphitheatre at the edge of the site provides a place to work or to hang-out with friends.