Adyar, Chennai

Butterfly-Gandhimadhi Illam

A retrofitting residential project for a house that sheltered 3 generation consisting of 80 members .our design scope was to upgrade the interiors considering longevity ,maintenance ,heavy duty usage etc.The design approach was to go along with the vibe of the existing house, such that when a person enters he is captivated by the greens and 1900’s style exterior housing which is in contrast to the modernistic interior .one of the design challenge is to come up with a language that will suit the taste of everyone. Hence minimalistic design approach was adopted where through usage by the members it transforms into something visually the family will relate to.

Fact & Figures

Project Area 9,200sq.ft
Scope Of Work Renovation, interiors
Site Location Adyar, Chennai
Completion N/A
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