2017  Tirupur

Krishnan Residence (Majestic Garments)

The residence has a elegant and comfortable design which was planned with a integral layout. The subtlety and delicacy of its furniture and colors becomes the focus of the house and is evidenced by the high ceilings. The straight lines of the façade & concrete roof blend in well with the wooden panels, formed by shutters. This feature, besides guaranteeing privacy and solar protection, brings movement and dynamism to the facade. The materials and colors chosen, from the exterior to the interior, follow the same monochromatic language. The main element of the house is the large green space adjacent to the living which holds a koi pond that is axially located to the entrance. The green space in front of the kitchen and dining acts as screens which promotes privacy from drive way.

Fact & Figures

Project Area 9000 sq.ft
Scope Of Work Architecture + Interiors
Site Location Tirupur
Completion 2017
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